" Everyday Porcelain" tableware


Desire Tableware products are produced using the very best raw materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring products are of the highest quality.  As a result, you can rest assure your tableware will last many years to come.


This product is as categorised as ‘Everyday Porcelain’ … durable tableware for the everyday kitchen.   The following outlines the benefits of Iranian produced Zarin Porcelain and how to ensure you get the best out of your serveware.


  • Due to the extreme hardness of the glazed dishes, inferior metal utensils such as non-standard cutlery & kebab skewers can scratch porcelain. Please use standard cutlery and where possible, avoid dragging kebab skewers on the edge of platters. In order to prevent blackening the edge of the platter while separating kebab from the skewer, it is recommending to use a piece of bread between the edge of platter & kebab skewer.


  • Since porcelain glaze is harder than steel, pulling cutlery on the dishes glaze repeatedly may leave a metal trace on the glaze.


  • The use of bleaching materials is harmful to human health. However, if needed, please use a diluted solution to clean any surface marks. We recommend using high-quality dish-washing detergents rather than bleaching agents.


  • Serveware and dinner sets are easy to handle and stack, minimising chips and breakages assuming appropriate care is taken. The base of dishes are not glazed and can have a slightly rough edge. Care should be taken when stacking and placing on glass surfaces.  We don’t recommend stacking a large amount of plates on top of each other so as to avoid scratching.   Placing a napkin between plates and serveware can be helpful.


We hope you enjoy your Dinner set/ Tea set

Desire Tableware