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"In-Glazed Gold Decoration" tableware



Desire Tableware products are produced using the very best raw materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring products are of the highest quality.  As a result, you can rest assure your tableware will last many years to come.


This product is decorated using ‘In-glaze Gold Decoration’ technology and features pure gold details. The following outlines the benefits of Iranian produced Zarin Porcelain and how to ensure you get the best out of your serveware.

  • Patterns and designs are placed inside the glaze during manufacturing, ensuring your items are resistant to very high temperatures and detergents.
  • Tableware decorated using this technology results in a smoother and shinier final product. The patterns never come into direct contact with food.
  • Serveware and dinner sets and Tea set are easy to handle and stack, minimising chips and breakages assuming appropriate care is taken. The base of dishes are not glazed and can have a slightly rough edge. Care should be taken when stacking and placing on glass surfaces.  We don’t recommend stacking a large amount of plates on top of each other so as to avoid scratching.   Placing a napkin between plates, Bowl, Platters can be helpful.


  • Our gold glazed products are 100% dishwasher safe, however due to the metallic property of gold, use in microwaves is not recommended.


  • Since porcelain glaze is harder than steel, pulling cutlery on the dishes glaze repeatedly may leave a metal trace on the glaze.


  • During the in-glaze process to add gold detailing, a thick layer of 24-carat gold is used and should not fade over time. The result is a distinctly matte and beautifully golden look.  It goes without saying that as with all other precious objects, proper maintenance over time will ensure your tableware is with you for many years.


  • Dishes decorated by ‘In-glaze Gold Decoration’ are marked with the following phrases on the back: In glaze Decoration and Dishwasher Safe


We hope you enjoy your Dinner set/ Tea set!


 Desire Tableware